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How it works


  1. Upload a geospatial image (file size limits apply)

  2. The image will be segmented on our cloud and you will receive an email

  3. Click on the link and find the array of parameter combinations

  4. Review lineup.tif which is a composite of thumnails of each segmentation 

  5. For each promising ouput, download the data to your GIS or remote sensing package

  6. The first TIF is a "grid" of segments (int image), each pixel is "labeled" with its object ID number

  7. The colorized TIFs are for viewing, the CSV is object stats, and the shapefile is for import to GIS


This is a demonstration service with suggested parameters.



Full service BIS Cloud


  1. Same ease of use, or take it further with your own workflow integration

  2. BIS Cloud is accessed by dropping and receiving imagery in a private Dropbox folder

  3. The server looks for a .cmd file with custom parameters (or will use defaults)

  4. Drop imagery by hand or automate with scripts

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