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Fast image segmentation
Results in minutes

Default parameters produce a selection of results right away. From there specify new parameters with an optional command file. The emphasis is scientific automation.

On demand feature extraction
Plugs into any workflow

Files go in and files come out. Using Dropbox as a container, drag files in by hand or automate with your own scripts. BIS Cloud sees the files in Dropbox and processes them. The output is TIF images, shapefiles, and a CSV of object statistics.

Affordable and on demand

Run one small file alone or lots of large files together. BIS Cloud is software as a service (SaaS) by subscription. Object classification routines are coming soon.

image segmentation and feature extraction
Try BIS Cloud

- Web-upload a file

- BIS Cloud processes it with defaults

- Receive an email to download the results

- View 'lineup' thumbnail, import to GIS

- Start now


BIS Cloud

- BIS Cloud shares a private Dropbox folder

- Copy one or more images to the folder

- Results appear in that folder. Repeat.

- Includes Full Access web-uploads

- For research and site analysis - Pay Online




- For cluster install on Linux, Windows, etc.

- Includes Python source code of API

- Academic license covers a room/cluster

- Perfect for high throughput workflows

- Your product requests are prioritized



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